Wine Cheese Enjoy

Saturday 2 December from 7pm to 10pm

(reservation required)

Registration :

at the wine estate

New label design

"... The design of the label visualises - in a high aesthetic standard- diversity, the quality and authenticity of the Domaine Mathis Bastian.

Nine silhouettes of swallows in flight, arranged in three by three rows, show the constant change of light and colours and the constant change in the forms of the swallow.

The colours of the bird are not local tones.

They are the colours red and gold, clearly separated, shining in contrast.

The work of the winemaker, like the work of the designer, is determined by patience, precision and creativity. The result of the long process is quality as the extraordinary.

The quality of Mathis Bastian's wine is determined by its origin, by the location.

It is also characterised by the power of nature and the respectful treatment of soil, animals and plants.


All this can only succeed in the rhythm of nature.

Therefore ...Il faut se lever tôt."





17 JANUARY 2022

Lisa Junius

Lisa is an independent artist exploring art mainly through blue in various forms such as oil paintings, sculptures, ceramics, illustrations as well as mural painting .
She has created her own universe filled with magic and goddesses, which leads us into a celestial universe.