Domaine Bastian

Domaine Mathis Bastian - Riesling 2010 Primerberg

Family winegrower for five generations, our family cultivates great vineyards in the Luxembourg Moselle region such as Remich Primerberg and Goldberg, Wellenstein Foulschette and Kurschels.

The expression of nature's diversity is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the variety of Luxembourg's Moselle terroir.

We maintain our vines by, among other things, careful trellising, precise pruning, seeding with green manure and mechanical tillage to keep the soil alive.

This multiple targeted care is given to the vines throughout the year to produce beautiful grapes of exemplary organoleptic quality.

Daily efforts are made to find the best balance between respect for the environment and climatic hazards.

We have chosen integrated viticulture in order to bring the vineyards to an economically profitable, socially sustainable culture with a lower environmental footprint.

That's why we invite you to join us on a tour of our family vineyard, which looks great in the spring, to observe and learn more about the terroir.

Surrounded by several hectares of vines, rich in flowers and fruit trees, the Bastian estate is a place conducive to biodiversity.