Domaine Bastian

Domaine Mathis Bastian - Riesling 2010 Primerberg

Hailing from the Moselle region, Mathis Bastian and his daughter Anouk grow wines in harmony with nature. Their winemaking combines state of the art techniques with time-honoured regional traditions.

The estate offers a wide range of high-quality white wines, using grapes from low-yield harvests that give excellent freshness and elegance. Mathis and Anouk work hard to preserve the diversity of their grape varieties, as well as the unique qualities of their terroir.

Domaine Bastian is a founder member of the "Domaine et Tradition" Association.
The Bastian family also own the "Clos des Eglantiers" estate.

Domaine Bastian cultivates its wines using sustainable methods, respecting the environment, and growing in a way that is economically practical, but also minimises environmental impact. The key considerations in our wine making are the individuality of the terroir, and making best use of the characteristics of each grape variety.
Our wines are characterised by their finesse and elegance.